Olivia jaras

Olivia Jaras

Seriously, Alberto is hands down the best photographer I have had the privilege of working with. He has an incredible eye for showcasing the most beautiful side of anything he photographs. Unlike others, he is also able to adapt his photography for any occasion- be it family portraits, action shots, website pictures, professional profiles or book cover shots, his ability to capture beauty transcends all environments.
I'd be amiss if I didn't mention affordability. Alberto is a steal- I taking pricing very seriously, and for this kind of talent (and he also has all the gear), you would/should be paying thousands upon thousands of dollars. He is simply brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised if his work is one day showcased on Nat Geo, winning a Pulitzer Prize or at the very least, on the cover of a high profile fashion magazine.
Five thumbs UP!!!!


Upper Valley Aquatic Center

Alberto has taken most of the portraits for the many people who are featured on Upper Valley Aquatic Center's website ( ). He has a way with people and helps them relax so their beauty can shine through. Alberto uses state-of-the art equipment, is professional, promt, and does a great job with post shoot editing. When he says you will get your photos on a certain day, you will! We continue to use Apaniagua Photography because Alberto is easy to work with and consistently produces a great picture!


Daniela Agusti

What can I say about Alberto? He is such a talented photographer! He took my professional portraits and family pictures and they all turned out wonderful! He is very professional, creative, talented, very reasonable and so easy to work with. While he was taking our family pictures he was great with all of us and extremely patient with my 4 and 2 years old children. He was very prompt with getting my pictures to me and my pictures turned out SO beautiful. He captured very special moments with my family. I would totally recommend himBEST around!

Arturo Torres

Arturo Torres

Thank you Alberto for a great photo session! Your creativity is endless! You understood what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. You where very professional and promt and loved all the pictures. It was a pleasure working with you.

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