Alberto Paniagua

Alberto Paniagua photographer in VT

Who is the Photographer?

Alberto Paniagua is a NYC trained photographer who specializes in Portraits and Boudoir photography. After many years of hustle-and-bustle in the city, Alberto, his wife and two kids decided to relocate to the beautiful town of Norwich, Vermont, where he has expanded his photography portfolio to include Maternity/Motherhood, Family, and Sports photography.

My Passion

My passion for photography started at a very young age when I come across a long forgotten, beautiful portrait of my Mother, Guadalupe. That was the first image that made me realize that you can truly capture the beauty and essence of a person through photography.
Whether it be on the NYC cat-walk or a family photo shoot in a rural VT, my passion is to capture the beauty of the moment through my camera. I truly believe that the beauty is always there, and I’m just the lucky person who gets to encapsulate a fleeting glimpse of that beautiful scene through the lens of a camera.

Do you feel awkward posing?

People often feel that they might not be photogenic, or that they never look good in photos. But I always try to share with them the secret of capturing your most beautiful self through a photo shoot: Bring your most genuine self to the session and work with a photographer that will further help you reach a place of glowing-happiness by making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

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